We strive to be profitable and sustainable.

Together Building A Better Future For All

Together Building A Better Future For All.

Our Verticals

We are profitable and sustainable for the planet.

Energy & Metal Industry

Our know-how is primarily based on the transformation industry in energy and specifically in the metal transformation industry.
Our highly qualified team can revitalize existing plants with technological and management strategies.

Mining & Commodities

We have a proven experience of more than 20 years in commodity trading with soft and hard verticals with our global operations in Switzerland and UAE. Mineral Resources Mining with a focus on strategic and rare earth metals that can complete our commodities ecosystem is also our top priority in Africa.

Investment & Private Equity

We believe in entrepreneurs and family lead businesses and are always on the lookout for interesting investment opportunities. Our target is companies in growth or scaling mode looking at mining, industrial, finance, fintech startups, and Africa-focused businesses.

Banking & Fintech

Our international business team is at the forefront of creating a digital revolution in the banking space in Africa and EMEA on a larger scope. We understand that fintech and banking cant create freedom for billions of unbanked clients and local and regional SMEs. This is our goal, freedom in banking.

Our Values & Ethos

Respect, Equality And Inclusion.

We see our partners, employees, investors, and clients as one family. Our family.

Our CSR & ESG Policies

We have 4 pillars: environmental impacts, ethical responsibility, philanthropic endeavors, and financial responsibilities. We commit always to supporting and helping local communities by opening dialogues and reaching out.

We have 3 pillars: economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity. This means taking measures to lower pollution and CO2 output and reduce waste, having a diverse and inclusive workforce, at all levels.


Committed to developing projects that are tailored to materials expected to benefit from strong future demand, while also minimizing our carbon footprint.

How We Operate?

We believe our strategy of using cash flow from existing operations to fund overhead and grow our portfolio of strategic investments in jurisdictions where the returns are commensurate with the risk will allow us to build a diversified portfolio of cash-generating high-quality projects.

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